MAYDAY! MAYDAY! (english version)

Our common Stockholm is threatened! Barriers, fees and checkpoints is making it hard for each and everyone to live, meet and move freely through the city. We refuse to accept that Stockholm is only for those with money, light skin and citizenship – that’s why we’re taking the city back with a colourful parade from Mariatorget to Liljeholmen.

♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼

At 15:00 we gather at Mariatorget for face painting, to make placards and come up with slogans and pitch(es).

(Hopefully, we will be bussing demonstrators from Vänsterpartiets demonstration, when it finishes)

At 16:00 the parade leaves for Liljeholmen to the rhythms of Riotsambas drums and pumping sound systems. Along the route there are plenty of examples of how our common right to the city is being threatened. These will be highlighted in different ways throughout the parade. Make your own placard/banner/artwork to raise your issues/demands together with us/each other!

At 17-18 the parade will settle with a picnic where we’ll provide tacos, music and piñatas, all of which of course, including the food, is for free.

♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼♀❀☽ ♥♫☼

- Rescue the tenancy and the common spaces!
- Asylum without boarders!
- End the racist REVA project!
- Against workfare, we want more free time!
- Welfare without profits!
- From Stockholm to Tahrir – take back the city!

Acts and pitches, so far:
- Athena Farrokhzad, poet
- Sahar Mosleh from F!
- Mina Naguib on the egyptian struggle
- TIR Performance
- Könsförrädare
- Persian dance and music

- Learn how to create commons with Cyklopen
- Socialistiska Läkare is teaching us first aid and how to protect the paperless/sans papiers within the health care system
- Theatre/performance workshop with TIR
- Creating commons and practice self-investigation with Allt Åt Alla
- Resistance against gentrification with Rätt Att Bo
- Play drums and percussion with Riotsamba
- Graffiti wall

The parade is organized by a diversity of groups:
Kulturhuset Cyklopen, Prekariatet,,
Allt Åt Alla, Anarchopride, Nätverket Linje 19, Nätverket Linje 17
Rätt att bo, Ingen Människa är Illegal, Socialistiska Läkare, Syndikalistiska Ungdomsförbundet, Basinkomst STHLM, Kulturföreningen Kråkan, Kulturföreningen Canova

We hope to meet with a wide diversity of individuals, localities and expressions in the parade! What conflicts in the city have you been experiencing and how would you like to help? Do you live outside of Stockholm but want to contribute or collaborate anyway? If you would like to contribute to the parade or the picnic you are welcome to attend our meetings, every Sunday 17:00 at Folkskolegatan 32. Or you could email us at Welcome!

Links to comrades:
SAC Syndikalisternas march begins at 11:00